Hi there! I am Mariam Tsaturyan

I an attorney for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and online creatives. I work to protect your business so you can grow and scale. Let me evaluate your case for free!

Before Anything Else…I Must Congratulate You!

The mere fact that you’re reading this shows the level of commitment you have to your business and success. I know, the law is not exciting, but it takes a serious business owner to realize that despite how boring it is, legal compliance and protection are the most fundamental necessity for your business.

This is a Good Place to Start

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How to Choose Your Business Name Without Infringing on Someone Else’s Trademark

Free Checklist to Help You Legally Set Up Your Business From the Ground Up

Let’s Get to Know Each Other…

Hi there! I am Mariam Tsaturyan. I am so happy to welcome you here. As you already guessed, I am an attorney for entrepreneurs and creatives. I

I work with small businesses as well as solo business owners to make their businesses legally compliant and protected. My own personal journey into the entrepreneurship world started by accident when I took up blogging as a hobby.

Slowly I started seeing how badly entrepreneurs, creatives, and small businesses needed legal help and guidance. That’s what I am here for.

To help you protect your businesses so that you can concentrate on growing and scaling without fearing the legal consequences.