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As an intellectual property and contracts attorney, I help you protect your business assets and grow with confidence.

I Help Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Live Their Dream

As a trademark and copyright attorney, my purpose is to help you protect your business and intellectual property. What you don’t know as a business owner can hurt you significantly, and cause you to lose your reputation, your name, and your brand.

I see so many entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, course creators, and other small businesses out there who create content, create and grow their brands, images, graphics, names, slogans, signatures products, and services, and none of it is protected. The worst part is that most of you don’t realize how scary and dangerous it is.

If you’re ready to protect and own your brand, protect your content and creations, then reach out to me, and let’s talk. Every second wasted is an opportunity for someone else to take advantage of your hard-earned brand, recognition, and reputation.


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Choose & Protect Your Business Name Legally

Choosing a name for your business or signature product is often one of the most time-consuming tasks that business owners and creatives alike deal with.

This free guide will walk you through some important steps you need to take when you’re getting ready to name your business or program. Get this free guide now to save yourself unnecessary headaches in the future.

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Hi there! I am Mariam Tsaturyan. I am so happy to welcome you here. As you already guessed, I am an attorney for entrepreneurs and creatives.

I work with small businesses as well as solo business owners to make their businesses legally compliant and protected. My own personal journey into the entrepreneurship world started by accident when I took up blogging as a hobby.

Slowly I started seeing how badly entrepreneurs, creatives, and small businesses needed legal help and guidance. That’s what I am here for – to help you protect your businesses so that you can concentrate on growing and scaling without fearing the legal consequences.