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As an intellectual property and contracts attorney, I help you protect your business assets and grow with confidence.

Some of the Ways We Can Help You…


Your brand is your most valuable asset. Trademarks help protect your brand so that you can own it. Having a registered trademark also means you can protect it against infringement.


Your original works of authorship such as your content, images, designs, and more can be protected with a registered copyright.


Contracts are the backbone of every business. With the help of well-drafted contracts, you can protect your business transactions, relationships, assets, and more.

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Ready to Uplevel Your Business by Protecting It Legally?

As entrepreneurs and business owners, you know that in order to uplevel your business, you must first make sure it’s protected legally. Have you protected your intellectual property? Do you have all the necessary contracts and policies in place to protect your transactions, assets, and business relationships?

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Do You Need Quick & Cost-Effective Contract?

Not ready for custom contracts and policies? No worries! You can instead get templated contracts and policies that are quick to customize for any business, come with instructional videos, and give you lifetime access to updates.