Trademark Registration

When talking about trademarks, trademark registration is the first thing many business owners think about. While the world of trademarks includes a number of issues in it, trademark registrations are the backbone of any trademark process.

What is a Trademark Registration

Trademark registration refers to the act of registering your trademark with the United States Patents and Trademark Office (“USPTO”). Trademark registration generally involves doing a trademark search, and once you have the results, your attorney prepares the trademark registration application and submits it to the USPTO.

The Trademark registration process seems simple and many people fall for this trap and attempt to file it themselves or through document completion services.

However, the trademark process is anything but simple. A punctuation mistake can be a reason for a rejection or issuing an office action.

If you misidentify the classes to file under, this could result in a rejection.

If you don’t come up with a proper description for your services or products, this could result in a rejection or at the very least an office action.

Mariam At Law Professional Corporation takes great pride in providing detailed and excellent service to its clients. We have a method that we perfected for working with clients who need trademark registrations.

Here is a quick outline of the steps involved when working with Mariam At Law Professional Corporation to register your trademark.

Meet With the Attorney One-on-One/Intake

An initial meeting with the attorney to discuss the process, pricing, timeline, and other procedural questions. This free meeting is not a legal consultation. Book your free call here.

Trademark Search/Results Letter

After you retain Mariam Tsaturyan to handle your trademark matter, she conducts a search for your trademark and prepares a Results Letter. Another one-on-one meeting will be scheduled to discuss the findings and what they mean for you. Learn more about trademark searches.

Prepare & File Application

The attorney will prepare the trademark registration application, prepare your specimens after discussing them with you, and file your application.

Mariam At Law Professional Corporation works on a flat fee basis for your trademark registration purposes. We also offer payment plan options.

This is something that separates us from other law firms. Our prices are predictable and transparent, and you’ll never have surprise expenses that you weren’t initially told about.